Italy – Beauty, History, Culture, Romance And Wonder

Italy – Beauty, History, Culture, Romance And Wonder

Italy is beautiful any time of the year. It has history, it has culture, it has beauty and it has wonder. These 33 pictures are originally from here and the music is a gorgeous Italian gondola song.

10 thoughts on “Italy – Beauty, History, Culture, Romance And Wonder”

  1. yes see im half italian my granda mama was from sicily so italy is the most beautifulest place in the world nice video

  2. I am in Indonesia.

    I like this song and video. nice song and video.

    Italy is beautiful country.

    I’m sure, Italy people’s in around the world know Indonesia (My country).

    I want all Italy people’s (men’s, women’s, boys, girls, kids and childrens) in around the world, come and see Indonesia.

    greetings from Indonesia.

    thank you.


  3. I have never been to this place, but when i watched the video I have a yearning to see this beautiful place, i love the background music while watching the different enchanting place… how i wish to reach this place…

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