A Day Made Of Glass… Made Possible By Corning. (2011)

A Day Made Of Glass… Made Possible By Corning. (2011)

Watch “A Day Made of Glass” and take a look at Corning’s vision for the future with specialty glass at its heart.
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31 thoughts on “A Day Made Of Glass… Made Possible By Corning. (2011)”

  1. It’s a cool idea but probably not going to happen. I think the closest thing I’ve seen to this is the Scrolls in RWBY

  2. Just what I REALLY need in my life, a screen on my kitchen counter….. anything to avoid tearing my eyes away to interact with humans for the 20 minutes I’m cooking. Maybe we can put a screen on that kids face and have it tied to a drone to make their bed for them and brush their teeth.

  3. I watched this video for the first time in 2011 and still watch it. And we still haven’t developed this. Maybe someday this will be part of our everyday lives.

  4. nowadays with smartphones, small kids is using their tablets or phone at a young age, sooner or later when the new generation of children is using this corning thing, their vision will soon be fucked up until their older or maybe blind becuz every second they will be looking a digital stuff. good luck new generations 😉 ur eyes will be fucked

  5. Teenage guys. this is the next level of Porn and highly advance masturbation glass sex toy . oooh that gotta hurt. xD

  6. This is clearly far, far in the future. Homelessness has been eradicated, peace on earth, etc, etc. Not only does the wife have to _manually_ drive her car but her car still runs on fossil fuel.

  7. my teacher showed this to me in 1st grade and now i’m in 6th. jeez i thought none of this was possible back then. but wow this is awesome.

  8. I watched this when I was very young..I watch this now and think: most of this is real now..

  9. And just outside the city walls laid poverty and drained resources, people fighting for survival, while brainwashed idiots inside the city play with glass bubble buttons that look flashy, but are almost no different from standard stove switches.

  10. realmente el video nos impulsa a soñar con un futuro tecnológico mas funcional , sorprendente y fuera de nuestro planeta. Es evidente que debemos prepararnos y asumir con supremo equilibrio las bondades del progreso para no interferir con otras especies negativamente. La tecnología es una bendición cuando no tiene los inmensos abismos de la ambición

  11. five years ago, after watching this video, I would say “wow”, although the scenes were created by Adobe AE. But now, with the development of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality etc., you have the super tool Unity to create those things direclty in front of your eyes – do we still need so many flat glasses?

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