10 Awesome Car Technologies That Never Took Off

10 Awesome Car Technologies That Never Took Off

We love it when engineers come up with innovations, but as brilliant as they might seem, sometimes they just don’t catch on. Here are 10 that never went mainstream!


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Chrysler Turbine

Bose suspension

Sinclair C5

Sinclair C5 2

Sinclair C5 3

Sinclair C5 4

Sinclair C5 5

Steam Train

Steam Car

Ford flying car 2

Ford flying car

AeroMobil 3.0

Tucker 48

Tucker 48 2

Tucker 48 3

Tucker 48 4

28 thoughts on “10 Awesome Car Technologies That Never Took Off”

  1. “Rotary’s have sky high emissions!” That’s why they call it sky technology, now I understand. Thanks

  2. You might not be aware of how a steam engine works, but fossil fuels heat water to create steam. Fossil fuel powered cars could be steam engines.

  3. I would invent a car with a interated lift that could raise the car 2 meters in the air when you had to do work on em….

  4. The Suspension was built in series by Mercedes. I think its called magic body control.

  5. T-80 and m1a1 use turbine engines, but the Russians ditched them because normal diesel engines were just better.

  6. I would make automatic transmissions that had a manual style shift pattern and allowed the driver to skip gears.

  7. Can we just take a minute to appreciate how beautiful that turbine Chrysler is? Oh my god I’m in love.

  8. The capsula vehicle(s) is honestly a really good idea. But thats all it is lol. A good idea that cant be played out good

  9. My great-grandfather designed a system that poured sand in front of a car’s wheels for driving on snow and ice. Needless to say, his pitch to Henry Ford… failed.

  10. 3:05 is the guy from the netflix documentary dirty money. He went to jail for defrauding poor Americans out of hundreds of millions of dollars.

  11. Weight gets added for Comfort all the time, the Bose stuff looks awesome. On Norwegian tarmak i would Totally take the exchange.

  12. I would use the electromagnetic suspension and have it so it tilts the car into the turns to increase handling and make it more comfortable

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