The Magic Of Technology

The Magic Of Technology

The magic of technology is all around us – allowing us to do wondrous things. It can put us in two places at once. Breathe life into machines. Fueled by imagination, the magic of technology creates infinite possibilities, helping every one of us to truly thrive.

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33 thoughts on “The Magic Of Technology”

  1. complete trash…plz go fuck urself telstra!!!!fuck you and ur whole fucking fmaily
    fuck the whoever made this….shittest ad ever!!! piss of and go fuck urself

  2. There’s always some prick on here who has to make a political point and guess what we dont care. This ad is fantastic.

  3. So Tel$tra you are now blocking ppl on Facebook for telling the truth. You are a bunch of CUNTS!!!!! ripping off Australians.
    You fuckin money hungry pricks.
    You’ll see who gets the last laugh u fuckin losers.

  4. Why not laser data a video directly to the international space station’s built in satillite?

  5. “The Magic of Technology” but none of you idiots can even get something as basic as voice mail right. This is the standard Australian solution:

    “You……have……1…….message……from……0……4….1….2…..3…..4…..5…..6……7……8…..received…..on…….the……first……of…..January….at……0…..6……5…..2……AM…..”….. I mean who the fuck wants to sit through a robotic voice spelling this out to you to get a *voice* mail?? Play the message, and give the user the details AFTERWARDS.

    User Experience is fucking non-existent for these companies.

  6. telstra uses black magic, instead of a genie or a spell book, they conjure Satan and make you sign deals for your soul, they will set a price on a bundle and tell you local calls are free… But thanks to telstra magic it wasn’t included, iv had some amazing telstra magic happen to me before. Like getting double billed (more then once), slow internet or payments not going through many a time, try telling that to telstras magical elves that DON’T EVEN SPEAK FUCKING ENGLISH! and why do we pay so much? i mean americans, koreans, russians and english people pay way less for far better internet. For the love of god telstra get better please.

  7. All these Telstra haters on here… fuck off. Its a great advert with fantastic backing track, you sad bastards stop whinging about your service/bill and MOVE to another provider then.

  8. I like the song only but there is a gibbering idiot in the background of these ads.

  9. Telstra internet means I had 30 second loading periods between each 5 seconds

  10. Great creative advert, it’s a sham that they don’t put the same effort into getting the network to really work then this bullshit.

  11. biggest load of buzz word horse shit ive seen in a while. literally my most hated ad.

    that douchebag doing slam poetry in the background isnt fooling anyone over

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