Lost Ancient High Technology Of Egypt Before The Pharaohs Part 1

Lost Ancient High Technology Of Egypt Before The Pharaohs Part 1

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  1. “Is that you doing that? Bloody hell!” X>D Seriously, though, I got chills listening to the reverberations. Even in a video, it goes right into your body.

  2. before you scoff at the terms Kings and Queens chamber study Tantric Yoga. familiarity with this practice will be key in your Journey. and words like power plant and electricity are good for now but what happened here is more akin to Magic than any modern understanding in mechanical technical terms. sound and vibration are closer. study everything turn away from nothing from science to to ancient religious texts. God saying let there be light and there was light, the word the vibration is key. drop your understandings drop your prejudices this is where all things coalesse

  3. I don’t understand how “conclusions” of ‘saw cuts’ can be made without any microscopic review of material. just irresponsible !

  4. WOW they built on pre existing ROCKS!!! OMG>>>> So there could be a super old structure there even before…Like pre Ice age …Like to see some underground imagining of the whole area.

  5. True the schematic over design of the rotational tool had curvature to it and possible bore design was added for the cutting and possible stone gears that was built for low speed and torque to match resonance peak.

  6. Electricity and Magnatism are 33 times stronger than Gravity. If the Ancient Egyptians had highly sophisticated technology, far more advanced than that in the public domain today, then perhaps they understood how to suspend gravity, making it theoretically possible to ‘float’ the stones through the air and then just guide them into place by hand.

  7. Looking at these carvings in your video, they look like they have enough depth to be indented from some sort of molds. It looks like all the hieroglyphs are scaled the same everywhere you go.

  8. The antediluvians built these pyramids. Proof that the Bible is right. And these stones were made — poured.

  9. at least 12900 years old. as the Sphinx represents the Leo as in the Zodiac. if you understand that Ions or Ages are 2150 years cycles. also how to build a Pyramid faster? simple, take it from a previous pyramid no longer in use….


  11. Fallen angel and giants help built this great pyramid. Fallen Angel used advance technology tools to construct this pyramid long before human civilization existed.

  12. Every single person in the comments section I see “debunking” the theories in this video, do it through ad hominem attack of one form or another. You may disagree with his conclusions, but to act like the construction of the Pyramids of Giza doesn’t present massive problems given our current understanding, is either disingenuous or ignorant of the actual facts. The dozens of mathematical and geographic “coincidences” surrounding the structure defies all logic. The ridiculous precision of how the blocks were laid, the insane logistical feat of moving millions of said stones weighing many tons including many giant granite slabs 500 miles, the conductive nature of the internal structure along with the effective insulation on the outside, the strategic location just above an active aquifer, the uncanny dimensions relating to sacred geometry, solar maps, and the exact size of the earth itself, all points to a civilization FAR more advanced than anything we’ve ever been taught in school. We’re supposed to believe the 4th Dynasty of Egyptian culture built the most perfect structure ever conceived, and very likely the ancient precursor to Nikola Tesla’s free energy tower? I somehow doubt it. But whether you believe it or not, at the very least, the given explanations in academic and archaeological circles today are grossly insufficient and need MUCH further investigation.

  13. Ropes made of animal skin or intestines, you dip the in tar which was available and sand sometimes even hard rock grains or hard silicon totally all around through time – they made them into rope saws in multiple proportions and yes…it took time to cut these stones, but labor was cheap and dedicated.

    The openings to connect stones where cut out with copper tools, which was available and mined also thousands of years ago – talking about already to be picked up from the lands and merged into forms like over 14,000 years ago.

    Drilling was a later development although drill marks where also fond on South American rocks, and they could have been made with diamonds like we also do now, so diamond dust as well as mixed with tar and sand. hardened into fire makes very good drills. Since these people where way more dedicated than we are to our jobs and had the time, they could have made it this way.

    So rope saws easy to make could also have contained diamond dust for extra hard rocks. Although sand stone is quite easy to work on. I hope this brings a bit more light onto the skeptics minds and specially archaeologists since…you all underestimate the possibilities of lost civilizations. As well as what we can build today too.

    You do not have to cut stones all the way through the layer you want, one can make a cut above on a tile, than a cut below on the side,…than break the stone however think,…with a resonance ticking…and voila. It is a reasonably fast way to produce any of the stones used. Except for pillars and columns the where probably cut all the way.

    A lot of the harder stones where also imported, so looking at evidence on how they where cut is harder since it needs to be know where they originate from. I am sure I will be able to explain those too, but before heading into comments about it here is so far too early a stage. So feel free to feed me info.

    And if I need to prove this, feel free to comment to my comment!

  14. when the limestone was quarried it was transferred in water and stayed in water while it was shape. Guess what LIMESTONE stays soft in water. Water was used to lift the stones up via water shafts built on the sides of the pyramids. LOOK IT UP WEIRDOS

  15. Farmers would work on the pyramids during flood season when their fields were under water. GOOGLE water used to build the pyramids the oldest known papiris states how they were built. IDIOTS

  16. This is completely retarded. All they needed was water and basic tools. If you’ve ever used a diamond saw, you’d know that it still works, just more slowly, after the diamond has worn off, but it completely seizes up and kickes back if the water is cut off. All they needed was the knowledge ro dig canals and dams and rudimentary tools. Anyone who buys this shot needs a lobotomy.

  17. The fact that this fucking impeller sat unnoticed by so called scientists and obviously suppressed by the goveremnnt, till this day, with MORONs thinking some sand buggers carved it with a damm copper chisel as maybe abstract art or as some FUCKING idol to some unknown swamp gas balloon highway light reflection bullshit lameness shows man is stupid, scared and a farmed piece of GARBAGE……..there will NEVER BE A SMOKING GUN FOR HUMAN PUSS, THERE ALREADY IS A BATTLEFIELD OF SMOKING GUNS

  18. wooden pegs then water will break any rock. then use an identical rock with water to rub a smooth surface. two blocks then have a perfectly level and perfectly fitting surface.

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