Amazing Technology….

Amazing Technology….

Amazing Technology and trust on that….

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  1. Hats off for that, Wish that was imposed when I almost lost my finger. Scared to day from cutting lamb frozen shoulders. on a band saw. 

  2. I do wonder if it would do the same when A live flesh is thrown into it, Anything is better then nothing. 

  3. what will happend if u put your finger much faster in there? it will stop the blade?  

  4. Saw the finger of my woodcraft teacher get shattered next to me, his blood and nail splashed all over, Wish we had such an amazing table saw 

  5. wow, i just came by this coincidently. this is really great technology, really needed and i think the use of this technology has to become a law ! for the safety of the workers and human life. give the man who invented this a ton of Gold 🙂 those are heros who do improve human life.

  6. he did it rly slow!!! what will happen if you try n touch the blade faster??? when your working and sometimes your careless … what happens then?

  7. Yeah, i’ve seen a couple comments about this and I have to say, does it work with dry fingers? because wood sucks up water, so I bet if you cut a few more your hand would be dry..

  8. not impressed, i’m impressed until i learn that it costs me 60$ every time this thing works…that’s not a good product.  i also want to see someone fall on this with a flannel shirt on or polyester, something less conductive.  it’s a clever idea but he’s lightly putting his finger in up there, lets see what’d happen if he went at a bit more speed towards the blade, like when accidents actually happen.

  9. its a start towards total safety. congratulate the guy not stomp on his achievement. when some mm thing is devised that takes us closer to what ever level is required no matter his slight it should be met with encouraging words nor nieh sayers.
    the man done good

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