Your Business Can Afford An Effective Super Bowl Ad

So, your company doesn’t have the budget to launch a Super Bowl ad on Fox this year?

No problem, a more effective and measurable ad should be narrowly directed at your target audience among the millions of viewers watching the event worldwide.

Getting your ad placed on the many articles, blog posts and videos referencing the Super Bowl requires a couple of hours of planning for some companies.

The sheer number of viewers highlighted on VidStatX are startling. Both the NFL Network and Fox Sports are among the largest YouTube Channels in the world:

The NFL Network has supplied the Digital Space with thousands of viewable hours of content along with the other sports broadcasts, national news companies and bloggers.

The NFL’s YouTube channel has over 1 billion views, from fantasy sport enthusiasts to your average fan.

A good argument can be made for not wasting millions for a 30 second spot for a single day. Do what more savvy advertisers are doing instead: MAKE IT A SUPERBOWL WEEK.

With a budget of $00.3 cents per view you have the flexibility to use Analytics to maximize conversions and sales.

With Analytics, you know precisely when your customers were engaged and you can accurately analyze metrics to improve your messaging.

Call us to carefully select the right ad placements to reach potential customers on the largest media platform on the planet with Google AdWords.