What Is Hyper Threading Technology As Fast As Possible

What Is Hyper Threading Technology As Fast As Possible

Intel’s Hyper-Threading Technology allows their processors to intelligently schedule the tasks that are performed by a single core to make data processing more efficient. Watch the video to learn more of course ūüėČ

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19 thoughts on “What Is Hyper Threading Technology As Fast As Possible”

  1. What I’m wondering is… I have the i7-6950x in a hackintosh, working alot with extremely process-heavy music production in Logic Pro/Sierra, and most often also multitask at the same time. Is it there reason to believe that the workload from for instance web browsing might leak over to the cores working on logic, because of multithreading? Meaning, as it already have ten cores, could there potentially be a problem with logic’s playback because some open flash website wanted to play an ad? On the other hand, how much does logic benefit from 20 x virtual cores, rather than 10 x 24/7 cores? Edit: Also thinking about the idea of multi-threaded programs screwing themselves by using 2 virtual cores instead of 2 cores. Also, If there is an automatic “let’s use 1-10 cores, and if programs ask for more – do it, if it’s beneficial”-idea built in to the system, all my questions would be moot.

  2. what if I’m using my pc for gaming and programming c++/java only.. not gonna heavy multitask is turning off HT worth it? same thing with my laptop with 4C/8T?

  3. Question:
    I am going to buy a laptop but im still deciding, im looking at two:
    1. Asus intel core i5 7200u with an nvidia 920mx 8gb ram
    2. Acer intel core i3 6006u nvidia 940mx
    I dont know if the diference is that significant between the gpu’s, is it worth it for me to lose the core i5 for a slightly better gpu? Is the gpu diference between the 920mx and 940mx that big?

  4. Do you teach? Because Christ you make these things so much easier to understand. I felt like these terms were being deliberately kept from the average Joe by some to feel superior. But your videos make things much clearer. If you don’t teach, you should consider it!

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