We Don’t Just See Technology. We Feel It.

We Don’t Just See Technology. We Feel It.

Inspired by the relationship we have with the physical world, the technology developed for the Bentayga will make it the most advanced Bentley ever.

21 thoughts on “We Don’t Just See Technology. We Feel It.”

  1. So the highlight is…. the start and stop button is not an actual button?

  2. There’s something genius submitted Bentley .. eagerly waiting for it..

  3. so basically you just fancied up some volkswagen switch gear. oh you so fancy bentley!!!

  4. I’m not a fan of touch technology. I’d rather have buttons to push.

  5. – Advertisement focused on tactility

    – Shows only capacitive touch surfaces


  6. I like We don’t just see technology. We feel it – Bentley Motors

  7. Congrats, I have most of these features in my 87 Cadillac Eldorado 🙂

  8. This video transcends luxury to enter magical. It’s not just a car – nor has Bentley ever been – it’s power and control mixed with limitless dreams. I love Bentley, but now I want to be THIS Bentley and live THIS fantasy.

  9. er, don’t you feel most technology? and why did Super Smash Bros bring me here?

  10. start/stop the engine with touch? what if some dust mess up the sensor like at the ps4?

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