Watch Your Day In 2020 [ Future Technology ] [HD]

Watch Your Day In 2020 [ Future Technology ] [HD]

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life welfare in 2020

25 thoughts on “Watch Your Day In 2020 [ Future Technology ] [HD]”

  1. I hate glass. If that is the future then get ready for me and my sledgehammer.
    Marketing with glass just made monkeywrenching that much more convenient

  2. Watch your day in 2020 there will be WWIII. Fake news on your fridge, fake news in your bathroom, fake news in your kitchen.

  3. in 2020?! now is 2017 and I don’t think so it’s happend in 2020… I be very happy if it’s happend but no, it’s maybe heppend in 2030… *maybe*!

  4. I’m watching this in May 29 2017 more than 6 years after this was made, 2020 is only 3 years away. make Watch your day in 2040.

  5. theres only 3 years ’till this happens according to the video and there hasn’t been any dramatic changes in technology in this scale

  6. No poverty, no terrorism, no racial tension, no territorial dispute, Israel and Palestine living peacefully together, etc. *and I wake up*

  7. So…someday soon I and me family will be able to get much more morning, afternoon and evening severe doses of mind media junk food including more fear, hate, greed, confusion, ignorance, ego from the news media, movies, TV shows, music, videogames etc.? Just what the Sheeppeople Doctor ordered.

  8. This iwll be fine and dandy until after the first week you own these “display glasses” and a hacker cracks your house CPU and steals your data, puts up unwanted material (porn), records you, changes the data on the stufrf you watch, or event he worst yet…sells the access to a corporation so they endlessly plaster your displays with advertising. If you can afford this tech in the first place…

  9. So amazing/ especially the see through cell phone, and pretty much the whole video like the 3d digital architecture.

  10. This is the Internet of things, so honestly this stuff might be on sale in 2020 but not everyone will have it, it will get more widespread after 2020.

  11. Even if this doesn’t happen in the 2020’s I’m still young so some point in my lifetime I’ll get to watch YouTube on my table 🙂

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