Travel To Italy: Italian Culture – Food & Meals In Italy

Travel To Italy: Italian Culture – Food & Meals In Italy

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Founder of Tiber Limo, Andrea Santucci, talks with an American about the culture in Italy. He discusses the typical Italian meals, the number of courses and food served during the courses when dining and the Pasta — cannot forget the pasta. Andrea, also, discusses the differences in American-Italian cuisine and authentic Italian foods. Hint: don’t mention Starbucks. –smile- Italy is a wonderful place with great history — a must for Americans to visit.

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  1. I was looking for something describing Italian meals and their courses. I was in Frascati, which in not far from Rome. And the guy is right about the antipasta , pasta, and then a meat course. Even when I was staying with a friend over there he would cook meals and put out on the table first the pasta. After we were done eating he went back to the kitchen and got the meat dish. Italian breakfast is just like described, a Danish or croissant with a cup of regular coffee.

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