TOP SECRET! Russian UFO Anti-Gravity Technology! *HD*

TOP SECRET! Russian UFO Anti-Gravity Technology! *HD*


Russian technology purportedly obtained in the 40’s which has been developed and refined since. I can only imagine what they possess now.

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  1. I read about functioning mechanical prototypes of UFO-like flying aircraft by Russian engineers in Russian-Canadian publication about seven years ago or more. According to that publication, the prototype was sold to American space agency for undisclosed amount in 1990s.  There was neither will nor investment money from Russian government or private organizations within the country to build full scale model of it. The prototype was working but not ideally. There were a lot of things to work on like stabilizing the craft in the air during vertical landing.
    I am just reciting the publication content. I personally do not think it was the kind of aircraft to which activists usually refer when talking of UFOs. But Russian engineers tried to replicate that shape and make it into an aircraft. It was obviously not very functional design since they were trying to use conventional hydrogen fuel in it. I think, for this type of shape, it would need to be using different technologies, like electro-magnetic, gravity-defying kind, in order to be efficient enough..

  2. You’re so full of shit, this is from the SyFy series Taken. A 13 part mini-series about a little girl and her mental abilities. OR, it could be a blimp shaped UFO the Russians did build, but it was NOT anti-gravity.

  3. NOT UFO AT ALL PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LOOK Locomoskyner, Locomoskyner, Locomoskyner, Locomoskyner, Locomoskyner, AIRSHIP PEOPLE DON’T BE NAIVE!

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  5. fill a giant foil balloon with H2 and a little rudders then float it to USA good plan russia

  6. Its fake…what ever country gets their hands on alien technology will become the most powerful country on the planet over night….and that is something that Russia is no

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  8. How can it be a UFO if they made it ? You should be able to indentify your own aircraft !

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  10. For God’s sake, are you stupid? So the big russian state will seize a huge space ship and it will shoot this video and you will watch this youtube den you are either very optimistic or stupid …

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