Top 5 New Tech Inventions You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Top 5 New Tech Inventions You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

You won’t believe these new tech inventions actually exist, they’re totally amazing and mind blowing!
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Portal Smartphone
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34 thoughts on “Top 5 New Tech Inventions You Won’t Believe Actually Exist”

  1. Take a look at my old technology archive<<<<<< 🙂

    I upload tech videos from the 80s 90s and the 2000 🙂

    Old celebrity commercials too 🙂


  2. One guy said Celsius, adn the other said Fahrenheit at the begining of the video

  3. last 1 is dum as shit the phone is hot thow cough apple is garbage due to the free market system cough FMS drives comps to compet apple is a solo market as its Os not (Pc) android thats what makes it bad and thats how dum people who buy in to apple are

  4. The part when he says hi mom I would be like mom get out of my motherfucking video

  5. sorry but that button idea was just horrible, whoever came up with it has no creativity.
    Just stole the idea of a connected ecosystem and made it work with one button, i like to try different things each day so that button would just annoy me.

  6. Before the video there was an ad of iPhone 7 and I seriously thought that was the vid until I saw the skip ad button

  7. 9:13… it seems like Indians are always there in the IT field….

    If she is an Indian

  8. What the twit, has technology gone too far?
    Holograms are acceptable, but technology like this is going too far

  9. am i just the only one who watches this just to look at it and not buy

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  11. the autonomous drone is cool not an invention really but ts cool and the rest are shit

  12. Since the Portal smartphone thing doesn’t actually strap onto your wrist, but instead has a holdster-type thing that it can slip into, I would just mod the holdster to clip onto the waist of my pants or something and then I could hold the phone inside it. This way I could just take it out whenever I needed it and it would still be a flexible phone.

  13. Its kind of funny watching Tech Innovations from 2015 in 2017… some of the things are still innovations (like the phone), some of them I laugh about now (like the button). There are so much better, automated options for that now. 😀

  14. Some smart person should use technology to find a way to cleanse or destroy stuck microscoptic asbestos fibers from the inner human body this would prevent asbestos related cancers !.

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