Top 5 Best Latest Future Gadgets Things Coming In 2017

Top 5 Best Latest Future Gadgets Things Coming In 2017

Top 5 Best Latest Future Gadgets Things Coming in 2017
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★ One Wheel (Segway One S1) ➜
★ Smart Ring (Wearable Magic Ring) ➜
★ Solar Paper ➜
★ Artiphon Electric Music ➜
★ Smart Headband ➜

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30 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Latest Future Gadgets Things Coming In 2017”

  1. Geekster can you give me the right link to the hover board? The one that was on the video.

  2. granted the hoverboard isnt actually “hovering”, but i bet its still fun to ride. i personally think that would be a great addition to the conventional ways we get around. i also see people saying that just cus you CAN make it doesnt mean you SHOULD, i agree with this fully. we should be spending the little resources we have left on conservation not leisure. so i guess im kinda on the fence with that one lol

  3. Lol people have always been made jokes about how they “should invent hoverboards!”, and everyone agreed that it would be an amazing day. Then this jackass comes along, creates a motorized scooter with one wheel, and calls it a hoverboard. You didn’t invent the hoverboard buddy, nice try lol. It doesn’t hover. What was he thinking? “Close enough.. It’s totally a hoverboard.”

  4. Where do I find the hoverboard in the first one? When I look it up, it gives me the useless self-combusting ones.

  5. Personally, I don’t mind the second ring….

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