Top 10 Technology Predictions That Turned Out To Be False

Top 10 Technology Predictions That Turned Out To Be False

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15 thoughts on “Top 10 Technology Predictions That Turned Out To Be False”

  1. *”no one’s going to want a bigger phone, you can’t get your hand around it. no one will buy that. “*- Steve Jobs, 2010. look at Apple now- copied it’s competition to stay relevant. ? just about everyone has a big phone and they’re here to stay.

  2. What about the huge theory when everyone thought that 2012 would be the end of the world? TV news channels even talked about it and a movie was even made

  3. I have radio alarm clock, radio with cassette player, radio with vinyl record player and CD player, etc. I own more radios than televisions.

  4. Bill Gates is such a bad person. You don’t realize how bad til you watch American Geniuses, episode 1 on Netflix.

  5. a gun that has a much higher killing potential and war efficiency, yup that will make war impossible. now thats some logic

  6. watching this video would have used up way more than 640KB of data.

  7. Perhaps the greatest wrong tech prediction (which I’m unable to run down to link, at the moment) was an IBM vice president in 1964 shortly after the announcement of the S/360 who said that it was anticipated that the world wide market for computers would be about a dozen units. … yeah. A dozen …

  8. “3 billion human lives ended on August 29th 1997” -Terminator 2 judgement day. That turned out to be false

  9. A lot of people predicated that television wouldn’t last because they couldn’t conceive of sitting and staring at a box.

  10. “640K ought to be enough for anyone.” — Bill Gates (he spent the rest of his life denying he said it, but he definitely said it)

  11. Everyone well known claimed something stupid. Steve Jobs said that no one would buy a large screen phone. Samsung proved him wrong. And many new inventions (if not all) depend on others. Think about it like this, almost nothing today would work without the discovery of electricity.

  12. 640 kb would be plenty if lazy gamers didnt exist having to store useless games on computers

  13. The funniest thing about the Y2K hysteria was that Edward Yourdon, who basically invented systems analysis and was a computing god, sold all his stuff and headed into the hills¬† in late 1999 ‘cos he was certain civilization would collapse.

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