Top 10 Future Technology That’s Here Right Now

Top 10 Future Technology That’s Here Right Now

Welcome to Top10Archive! Every year there seems to be a new innovation, something that makes life easier for some and more complicated for the less technologically inclined. For this installment, we’re looking to the future of technology at ten anticipated concepts that could actually do us some good – or, at the very least, sound really cool to talk about.

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10. Sunscreen Pill
9. Self-Fitting Clothes
8. Universal Translators
7. Mind Controlled Appliances
6. Portable Healing Laser
5. Motor Neuroprosthetics
4. Permanent Artificial Organs
3. Personal Nanofactory
2. Crash-Proof Cars
1. Avatars (DARPA)


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33 thoughts on “Top 10 Future Technology That’s Here Right Now”

  1. its what u call laziness! people now dont know how to bend their knees, its not good super techy….. laziness it is

  2. There’s this guy that used a computer and a cast to make his hand play the piano without him knowing how

  3. lol I predict the level of obesity and laziness will rise drastically all over the world with technology.

  4. My car already self drives, but it’s more fun to drive it myself, cause it’s too slow on autopilot lol (65 mph limit). XD

  5. what are we doing what is life why are we here we should be committing suicide

  6. Top 10 Future Weapons, that are already here. Like Railgun and so on ! 🙂

  7. I feel very sad this earth now look like space please stop invent this type of phone .we need phone just for talk and camera ,internet also ok that’s enough.why u wasting money for this . Go and enjoy with visiting nature place and develop nature and live nature and eat nature food and go and mingle with Friend and family then u feel very real happy now earth look like artificial robo please develop technology only in medical side not to invent people more lazy I bag you all brilliant in the world

  8. Even though technology is advancing we should not rely too much on it not even making armys of mindless robots because one day there will be ginius that will be able to use them agginst us if you dond believe me just watch the thay earth gets destroyed by matchines

  9. Medicine is for the rich only, good for them. We just worked our lives away and have nothing but fines and bills. We don’t even get a drink of water free. They took out drinking fountains. We get nothing but more fees and regulations. Driving means harassment!

  10. Now get the Warriors to fight someplace that protects peeps! We’re not angry and greedy!

  11. I wish there will be a machine that could teleport us to wherever we imagine. (It will be impossible for immigrants).

  12. Grave misconception here. Having the technology beyond a prototype level, an applicable form and of free commercial use, open to everybody. There are many medical facilities for example have an array of apparatuses and machines considered state of the art technology and by the common perception they would be regarded as futuristic. Access to such technology however is restricted to only certain social type of individuals.

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