This Will Revolutionize Education

This Will Revolutionize Education

Many technologies have promised to revolutionize education, but so far none has. With that in mind, what could revolutionize education?
These ideas have been percolating since I wrote my PhD in physics education:
I have also discussed this topic with CGP Grey, whose view of the future of education differs significantly from mine:

I think it is instructive that each new technology has appeared to be so transformative. You can imagine, for example, that motion pictures must have seemed like a revolutionary learning technology. After all they did revolutionize entertainment, yet failed to make significant inroads into the classroom. TV and video seem like a cheaper, scaled back film, but they too failed to live up to expectations. Now there is a glut of information and video on the internet so should we expect it to revolutionize education?

My view is that it won’t, for two reasons: 1. Technology is not inherently superior, animations over static graphics, videoed presentations over live lectures etc. and 2. Learning is inherently a social activity, motivated and encouraged by interactions with others.

Filmed and edited by Pierce Cook

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  1. I think technology is better at suppliment the education and help enhance experience but at it’s core education needs to be about teaching students to think.

  2. Been teaching for 8 years and this is so true…but I think you left out a couple things teachers can do–they can also give feedback and guide students actively while the students are trying a problem (this is called “scaffolding”) and they can guide students to work with one another. These are also social processes.

  3. Education should be free, at least Online education. But they’re still not serious about it as on campus education. They should consider poor people who can’t afford. Scholarships, financial aids are not the solution but the complete cut down of the cost is.

  4. I had 100% of my students pass the IGCSE Cambridge exams again this year … because I’m more of a tour guide and cheerleader than mathematician. great thoughts!

  5. 3 star rating. Its a bit too fast. Background images are blurred when projected. Ratio needs adjustment.

  6. The first portion of the video just shows the product hype the inventors are creating. But no, the internet itself is revolutionizing education. Eager students can learn themselves through the internet and be ahead of the class or level. Current system is too slow and weak for eager students and those with strong particular interest.

  7. hye.. derek.. i find this video very interesting. working in an education industry, i can surely relate to this video. i am just wondering whether it is ok for me to download this video and share it in my employer’s company website so that it can be viewed by my colleauges.. i will put a credit to your youtube channel. p/s: the company that i am working with blocks youtube… 🙁 thank you in advance for your reply… 🙂

  8. i think learning wont take place until you use it. like you are talking about heart- a person wont truly understand how the heart works unless he has to work out something in the heart(like a surgery?)

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