The Story Behind Nike FlyKnit Technology

The Story Behind Nike FlyKnit Technology

Get the story behind the design process of the new Nike Flyknit technology.


37 thoughts on “The Story Behind Nike FlyKnit Technology”

  1. Its a damn shame that they are trying to relate todays NIKE to bill Bowermans Nike… He would be ashamed of where his company is today.

  2. it’s a running shoe for marathons and stuff… obviously good cushioning against long during impacts. As in running miles… will give u less footpain… they arent ment to be fashion shoes or something. are u retarded or something?

  3. nvm after seeing u eat chapstick and being amazed by microwave boxes i already know the answer lol. Now i actually see your comment in a different light. Good for trying man u did your best!

  4. nike is one of the best shoe line ever made in history of shoes used most often in my opinion

  5. this is the bit where you get patted on the head and rolled down a hall in your wheelchair lol

  6. *Goes for a trail run to test out new shoe, brushes root with foot, RRRRIIIIIIIPPPPP*
    150$, down the drain.

  7. Why all Nike store in Malaysia hasn’t been updated for ages? CR7 still in M.U shirt, and Paula Radclife looks dying on the wall.

  8. Cool! I like do it too, because my art is One-Line-art and more… Look one Video from my YouTube Kanal “Jan Pierre Luckmann” and you can see it at Start! I am Autodidakt in Artworking!  

  9. The cushion on this is gonna bottom out in less than a month tops.

  10. gotta be honest. ultra boost felt good in the hand but was narrow across the instep. I chose james harden nike hyperchase. more comfortable feel like kobe 8

  11. This is such made up bologna. Rewriting history to suit a legal department. We know exactly where the Flyknit started and where the knit technology came from.

  12. Ive tried both the flyknit and primeknit i would recommend flyknit because of its ability to hold ur foot comfy and it feels like we are walking with no shoes .

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