The North Korean Denuclearization vs The Iranian Denuclearization Deal

Donald Trump just scrapped the Iranian Deal that stalled their nuclear weapons quest for at least a decade. After an early departure of the G7 meeting in Quebec with the same US Partners that negotiated the deal with Iran, one would have to ask what will be the specifics of a North Korean denuclearization plan? Will the details be left for the American public to trust the Trump Administration on?

More specifically, what will be the guarantees and safeguards preventing Kim Jong-un to resorting to previous broken promises of his predecessors. Make no mistake about it, greed might be at the heart of North Korea’s willingness to emerge out of the shadows of its hermit existence, that is why the details will be very important. This administration has shown a nack for destoying and cancelling well crafted plans. The Paris Agreement is no more, the path to normalize relations with Cuba stalled, the attempt to kill the Affordable Care Act is still in progress and we’re watching an attack on our American Values as families are torn apart with Trump’s immigration plan.

Trump has only demonstrated the ability to give more wealth to rich people, so it will be interesting to see how this administration can construct something. Trump has emerged when America is given to it’s enormous appetite for HATE and GREED. All of a sudden this country has become a laughing stock and enormous calamity on the world’s stage. The nexus of nations (N. Korea, China and Russia) who are traditionally our foes are now waiting in the balance when American is at its most vulnerable. This could be North Korea’s moment to get while the getting is good.