The Jetsons Future Of Technology

The Jetsons Future Of Technology

How the future of Technology Reflected in 1960s The Jetsons

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  1. Actually this is Happening Right now is the Future, amen the LCDs Tv the Flat Screen the Technology and more will come

  2. 2:01
    In Japan, today, there are toilet seats, that do the very same thing, instead of one using toilet paper.

  3. I was hoping to find the clip of George letting the video do the exercise and all he had to do was watch it to benefit.

  4. plz don’t make a reboot of this it might turn into like power puff girls and teen titans go

  5. I was born in 1961 and I always loved this cartoon and Scooby Doo!!!
    I was watching researching and warching videos today about how now science is saying —-they can turn light into matter and then matter back to light.
    One article even talked about possibility of manifesting household objects by use of laser light waves in near future.
    I thought Wow, how awesome if it is true.

    Anyway, I then thought of how the Jetsons could manifest any kind of food they wanted.
    So here I am. sure brings back a good young feeling of a certain missed joy. I can almost hear my Mom telling me to stop with the cartoons and do something more productive. LOL!!!
    Anywho, onto some more Jetsons. And I don’t have to just watch them on an Early Saturday morning. I don’t know if that is that great of progress in the last 5 + decades, but heck many are still living under European Queen rule and the Roman Catholic Vatican. Gee !!! So with that crap, I’ll escape with the Jetsons for a little while.
    Thanks you for posting this video. ; )

  6. and , 9/11, ebola, terrorism, global warming. communist, and people living behind a display… fuck we need to go back i didnt choose this

  7. how many blowjobs that bitch of a wife has to give a day to live like that and not to have to do any actual work?

  8. to much tech made us so lazy
    the jetsons
    is the proof of what happeds when u use tech to much

  9. Hello I’m wondering if I can have permission to use this Jetson Future of Technology Video in a presentation I am doing on a cruise ship. My session (Gadgets & Gizmos) is 1 hour this video is 3 minutes of that – and towards the end to show back in the 60’s the ideas for many things available today were there. – Please let me know if this is ok with you.

  10. One of my favorite episodes was the one where the Food-A-Rack-A-Cycle went on the fritz

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