Technology You Don’t Know Exist Today! #159

Technology You Don’t Know Exist Today! #159

Please goto 4:39 to watch part of the video as shown in the thumbnail or check this video ( ) if you are really interested in latest tech. Thanks for your comments.

New Technology 2017 You Don’t Know Exist Today! #159

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40 thoughts on “Technology You Don’t Know Exist Today! #159”

  1. 5:03 – you got a London safety deposit vault you need to cut into? no problem!!

  2. Really admire the German people to the tool to do the most humane, the most refined, the most standardized

  3. Lol, I core drill for a living. Where I live and work we drill through Meremac Cement. Nice set up, but will it hold up to the Meremac vs some limestone hollow cement block? Only thing I notice is the vaccum setup. Is that compatible with Hilti drills? Definately would improve my work.

  4. I actually use/used all of these on daily basis except the drill maker for ventillation – I actually don’t need to fix things that someone didn’t account in project such as doing a proper airflow.

  5. Yeah, yeah , great , but the Labor cost savings aren’t past on to the consumer. They still charge you a high price for a job that now takes them half the time to complete , and the service costs are still rising . So, where is the cost savings on the consumer end for all this technology ??
    The exploitation of technology just to increase profits is what making people skeptical of technology. Where is the promise that technology suppose to make things cheaper and more abundant ??
    Making a vehicle is mostly automated but the cost of purchasing a new vehicle still cost thousands of dollars. Why ?? Building a house is now mostly done with prefabricated sections but purchasing a house still cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Why ?? Mining for raw materials are now done with heavy equipment capable of moving tons of earth in a short time but the cost of raw materials keeps rising. Why ?? Locating and drilling for oil has become more cost efficient but the price still remains above $40 a barrel. Why ??

    So far technology have done the opposite of making things cheaper , while displacing us out of jobs and causing us to work longer and not less just to keep with the rising cost of living.
    Either technology positive societal benefits were mostly false hype or someone is playing us for suckers and is getting extremely wealthy by price gouging us.

  6. Watch it at 2x speed. You still get the concept and save 5 minutes. You’re welcome.

  7. Better title would be. Amazing technology that my Great Grandpa’s Great Grandpa showed him!

  8. good bt this teknik as usual now. I want to know about ss pipe. how to process a s/s tube/pipe and weld and polishing in industry.

  9. That was a very expensive and time consuming way to connect ABS drain pipe. Glue and a coupler would take two minutes.

  10. only tool i found worth buying and using is that copper flange tool to make your own flange on the site instead of soldering a sleeve on. Rest is just the same tools with different looks.

  11. why do you have to attach this massive contraption to the wall just to drill a hole through it?

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