Technology Update: Way To New Energy (E67)

Technology Update: Way To New Energy (E67)

On this award-winning show of Technology Update, we check up on one of largest international scientific collaborations ever, the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor. ITER has the potential to produce unlimited clean power by making the Holy Grail of energy production, nuclear fusion, a reality. Our journey takes us to the ITER construction site in sunny Cadarache in the south of France, the home of the first tokamak fusion reactor at the Kurchatovsky Institute in Moscow, the Ioffe Institute in Saint Petersburg, which is the birthplace of nuclear physics in Russia, as well as some of the suppliers for ITER dotted around Russia. However, none of it would be possible were it not for the imagination of one particularly talented Red Army soldier.

This show was first aired at the end of October 2013. It was awarded a Bronze World Medal at the prestigious New York Festivals in the Science and Technology category in April 2014.

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36 thoughts on “Technology Update: Way To New Energy (E67)”

  1. this shit is old…. USA masters in fusion energy…. China is just developing… China is by far 5 yrs behind USA and ero

  2. This seems to be an advertisement for Russia. We get it. You made one a long time ago. But with the nature of Science and Journals, I’d imagine a lot of people around the world helped tremendously in the efforts to complete projecrs like these. So get off of it.

  3. This is nothing more than false and intentionally misleading information. LFTR IS the cleanest, cheapest, safest energy available. We don’t have to fight wars to get and keep it. If we don’t build LFTR generators in spite of the current political control, the USA is history. And ..we have the technology already.

  4. 1:42 Nuclear Fission occurs all the time in nature! It’s just not concentrated.
    8:19 “its purpose is to show all the major technological and physical problems have been solved.” What a load of B.S.

  5. 3 words… molten salt reactor… we need a stepping stone… something that will provide enough power to start a fusion reactor

  6. The sun better NOT be setting on nuclear power. The waste “problem” has been solved with GenIV nuclear fission. Fusion is many decades away. ITER is massive, complicated, and extremely expensive. Gen IV is here now. In the next 5 to 15 years the first plants will be commercialized. This video is deeply misinformed. The new plants like the GEH S-PRISM reactor burn nuclear “waste”, and actually use it as FUEL. Of the several types of GenIV, all cannot meltdown; work at low pressure; do not use water coolant; and even if struck by a missile would splash but solidify before hitting the ground. With these characteristics they should be significantly cheaper than conventional nuclear power, and hopefully coal and gas..

    Climate science puts the date for the “tipping points” somewhere between 2050 and 2070, and around 450 ppm carbon dioxide; and the approximately “2C fence”. Beyond this timeline and earth faces irreversible climate effects. This is why the new reactors for several companies are all being designed for mass production, and standardization, with the goal being the electrification of the grid, and then the electrification of the whole economy. This is why we need full scale prototypes by 2030, as we would have 20 years to make the grid clean…like France.

    Helping, is the unlimited supply of uranium oxide from the oceans. There are 100 trillion tons of it in underwater mountain ranges, and at any moment, 4 billion tons available for extraction. And extraction is exactly what technology has already achieved. We should have commercial extraction of uranium commonplace very soon. Uranium is soon to be a renewable resource.

  7. in fifty years you’ll have a Tokamak Energy Catalyst in your basement. It will have a magnetic plasma fusion containment field. The unit will produce all of the hot water and electricity for your home. Instead of paying the Power and Electric Company and for utilities , you’ll pay for a service contract for when your ECat loses its field or needs to be refuelled.
    Oil is dead

  8. I suspect it will not work, because the underlying theory is wrong. The sun might not be a nuclear furnace. There is fusion, but in the sun’s corona and not in the core.

  9. A lot of thumb’s up; They don’t know what it is’ means’ or will do them’ but hea!!!! They love it’ har har har’ har har har!!!! lie’s lie’s lie’s lie’s lie’s lie’s lie’s’ surprise’ surprise’ surprise?!!!

  10. RT is such a fucking cut lying shit face organization. Won’t ever support them

  11. u no all talk about the sun core are lies nothing man made can get to the core lol it all melted temp max is unknown fact.
    there just testing lightning in bottle trick lol

  12. لدي نضريه جديده لعمل الاندماج النووي بطريقه سهله وغير مكلفه لاكن لم اجد جهات يهمهم الامر لاني في بلد لا يهتم لهاذهي الاشياء

  13. Its like these guys are trying to prove basic laws of physics wrong. Nothing is free. You cant get more out then you put in.

  14. Since only a tiny fraction of the plasma particles will hit the inner wall, fusion is inherently inefficient for producing electricity. Advanced fission is far superior – see Kirk Sorensen’s #thorium videos

  15. My thoughts are that the sun doesn’t use energy to heat up all this hydrogen because of his enormous mass, thats why it produces so much.
    We here on earth have to use energy to heat it up so we can achieve fusion. So we have a massive problem.

  16. First, heat is a result not a necessity for fusion. This is because the gravity supplies the great pressure, the electromagnetic movement supplies the pattern, and the electrostatic field supplies the repulsion force allowing the sun to sustain a longer reaction. The methods we are trying right now are literally trying to reverse engineer the sun, smh it’s not that complicated if you understand how space acts.

  17. So how much of the documentary is cut off? felt like there is like 10 minutes missing

  18. didn’t they hear over a hundred years ago they said its impossible to make perpetual motion.. military weapons program in diskies.

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