TECHOLOGY IN 100 YEARS – Today Kurzweil is the first technical director of Google, he is engaged in the development of artificial intelligence. Recently, he proposed another round of predictions. For many people it may seem too optimistic, but let’s remember that technology is progressing exponentially, not linearly. So, we present you a technological forecast for a hundred years, by the most respected futurist on the planet.

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16 thoughts on “TECHNOLOGY IN 100 YEARS”

  1. Passing the turing-test “better” then humans? Bwahahaha.
    Passing the turing test means that the tested a.i. was indistinguishable from humans in a dialog.
    How can you do that better than humans?

    P.s. I know that 90% of you noticed that flaw but I had to point it out none the less, it was too tempting. Forgive me.

  2. OMG my dream of becoming half cyborg ll come true can’t wait for that day but I might be too old or dead

  3. I may doubt this, but thinking how fast we can learn and spread knoledge via wireless tech. is number one key for one planet equals one brain.

  4. You owe a lot of people $10.00. You said “if the comment scores not one like, you’ll be the winner”. Well a lot of comment scored not one like. A few were zero but others scored multiple. So the ones who only have one like, don’t get $10. Everyone else does.

  5. this would be human’s absolute future, we need to evolve in order to spread to cosmos, this the only way to spread to the universes.

  6. When I was 5 years old they promised a clean subway system. I’m 64. still looks just as dirty as it did back then. Maybe they can get some robots to actually do the job.

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