Tax Cuts, Technology, Trump’s Cabinet | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

Tax Cuts, Technology, Trump’s Cabinet | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill and his guests – Rep. Darrell Issa, Fran Lebowitz, Sen. Angus King, Seth MacFarlane, and Asra Nomani – answer viewer questions after the show.

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24 thoughts on “Tax Cuts, Technology, Trump’s Cabinet | Overtime With Bill Maher (HBO)”

  1. 9:58 “Why do you have a Supreme Court nomination, you shouldn’t have one” That sort of thinking is why this country will not last.

  2. 4:10 what did issa say as maher was laughing bout seth’s masturbation jokes statement? seth then looked at him n laughed “yeah” so jus curious.

  3. Your blatant disregard for everything Trump is so old. The worlds not going to end while he’s president.Just because you hate him as a person, history will show there’s been much worse.

  4. His constant Trump rants are getting old. We get it, Trump is bad. Now move on.

  5. The single most reason why Trump won the election. The corpse from the crypt says the exact phrase that enraged Americans that were on the fence and separated themselves from this rhetoric. 13:18-13:19.

  6. Asra Nomani is right. “Resist, resist, resist” is going to cost the Ds the elections. Fran Leibowitz saying that half the country is wrong is not going to win their votes. Snarky liberals like Fran are the reason Trump voters hate liberal, coastal, elites.

    Asra Nomani wasn’t babbling — Seth MacFarlane kept interrupting her.

    Asra Nomani is asking liberals to stop caricaturing Trump supporters. She’s not asking you to stop criticizing the President.

  7. KING: Some of them are terrible.
    MAHER: Most of them, I’ve heard, are terrible.
    LEBOWITZ: _All of them_ are horrible.

    By far my favorite interaction in any Overtime thus far.

  8. the congress people seem just as evil and selfish as they do in house of cards but kevin spacey was right – they got better writers

  9. I almost can’t wait till 2018 to see liberals freak out at the election results. Then 2020 will be fun also.

  10. That dumb cunts face when Seth puts her in her place at the end. What a stupid bitch.

  11. Haha I loved the deft language trick when Bill was about to quote our over 700 billion spending (6 to 8% of which is lost each year) on our military funding but before he could finish Issa then says “4% gdp”. 4% gdp is our NATO contribution, not 4% of our budget on military. We are spending a crippling amount of money on our military just like the USSR did before they failed.

  12. Republicans to their Voters “libtards cucks, baby killers, death panels, death taxes, COMMUNISM! LETS SHUTDOWN THE GOVERMENT”

    Republicans to Democrats “You know all the shit we do that helped us win the election, yeah don’t do that, its why you lost!”

    bull fucking shit

  13. That one women’s body language is telling me she likes Seth Macfarlane. The entire time her chair was directed toward him and she only talked to him

  14. i find the term “muslim feminist” to be absolutely fucking hilarious. How confused is that women about who she is?

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