Spanish Vs Italian (in Italy)

Spanish Vs Italian (in Italy)

Spanish vs Italian (in Italy).

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  1. La diferencia es que nuestro idioma es el idioma más hablado en el mundo y el italiano es hablado sólo en Italia

  2. Italian is a lot easy because you’re Spanish! Also, for me Spanish is not really a problem because I’m Italian: these two languages are the ones that are most similar to Latin and because of this we can understand each other…
    If you ask to an english guy how much easy is Italian, he will say different things

  3. Me gustaría aprender italiano pero temo que confundiré todas las palabras porque estoy acostumbrado a hablar español. Algún consejo…¿

  4. Italians better start having more children or there will be no Italians left- I cannot stand that all these other types iof people are in Italy- it is just too sad !

  5. I am 13 and I am learning Italian and I know Spanish so it’s actually pretty easy

  6. Funny thing: the dialect spoken in Argentina sounds quite a bit like Spanish spoken with an Italian accent. I’ve lived in California for most of my life, but I was born and raised in Italy. I have PLENTY of chances to speak Spanish here, and it’s excellent practice. But almost every time I speak Spanish to a stranger, I get the usual “¿eres argentino?” 🙂 Heck, a couple of times even from Argentinians!

  7. cool really helpfull video and informative I’m learning Spanish few weeks now and if I become good at Spanish il be able to speak italien also 🙂

  8. Is Italy a reverse Argentina now? Instead of Italian immigrants to South American, it’s South Americans to Italy?

  9. I grew up being Puerto Rican and Italian. Both of my grandparents are immigrants and I never thought differently of the two languages and cultures. Both of the stereotypical mannerisms were relatively the same. I love representing both.

  10. Italian is significantly closer to French in terms of vocabulary and closer to Spanish in terms of morphology. It is, in my opinion, half way between Spanish and French.

  11. Is it just me or why do i get the feeling that so many times when i meet South american Hispanics, they to quickly want to familiarize (family) with me as i’m part of their family, which i’m not. I hope they don’t adopt Islam into their family

  12. muy bien me encanta italianos todos los dias en el latino americano puertoriqueno excellente en italia 🙂

  13. Argentina is mostly a tropical country italy is a cold country . it snows in Argentina too but the northern parts are tropical

  14. I wish I watched this before, I’m going to Italy in 2 weeks and have spent tremendous time learning Italian but I speak Spanish, Oh well, I guess I now speak the two sexiest languages of the planet so I cant complain ajaja

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