Sony’s Future Technology Will Blow You Away

Sony’s Future Technology Will Blow You Away

Though it may be MWC, phones aren’t the only products Sony are thinking about.

From tablets that can be projected on to any surface to tiny robot helpers, Sony is thinking future technology. Matt Swider checks out Sony’s booth, taking a look at the Sony Xperia Touch, Sony Xperia Ear Open Style Concept and the Sony Xperia Agent.

36 thoughts on “Sony’s Future Technology Will Blow You Away”

  1. terms of service abuse mixed with a robot that can look around with a camera gives me the chills. we got out evolved very quickly

  2. how about you make a projector that allows you to slide you device into it and allows you to do the same thing with swiping, that thing is too bulky to carry on your side or back pocket

  3. what bs… tech companies can’t get a clue. how about making a phone where buyer can chose size of battery and hot swap their batteries? how about 4k screens so vr can really take off. how about smartglasses something like google glass but full double display. and so on.

  4. Eh… Sony keeps black listing me on PSN for no reason. They claim I’m doing illegal activities with my account which is nonsense. Will not be like’ing this video. Sony is becoming trash.

  5. First off that projector idea is plain flawed! Not only because your hand casts a shadow but also because the colors are so awful. Go back to the drawing board and figure out another solution rather than using technology from the 90’s. For the sake of the future, invent something better already!

  6. yah for fucksake fix ur phone “Z” series first, this get hot af and the camera”” doesn’t even open,, waste of money and hope

  7. So when is Sony gonna put a projector and a hologram keyboard on their phones can’t wait

  8. I don’t know why, but I’m surprised to say that those “Tech Radar” headphones piss me off a tiny bit. It’s like having a “Tech Radar”-surfboard with you at all times. It’s unnecessary, Impractical and it’s obvious it’s there only as a way to flood the viewers perceptions with the TECH RADAR brand. But trust me, the huge “Tech Radar” watermark clearly visible at all times does the job (without being intrusive and annoying), and adding two more high visibility brand-spots really doesn’t do anything other than imprint the viewer with the same feeling they get when being bombarded by pop-up ads, albeit on a much smaller scale.
    Oh and please get someone else to name these videos. I know clicks matter, but have at least a modicum of respect for your product, because it is actually pretty good. It seems to me you were THIS close to adding “…number 5 made me lose my breath!”.
    Furthermore, I consider that Carthage must be destroyed!

  9. I think thay can make the projector tablet smaller, if it will only contact to the internet, “and have a cloud hard drive” , so the tablet will send info to a private cloud hard drive, and send back results to the viewer

  10. I’ve bough to much Sony still that got canceled to trust them anymore. Hey Sony stop selling paper weights lol

  11. fuck sony fuck that gay ass company i bouth a ps vita & those fag are testing ther best security on it sons of fags

  12. isn’t there a car sized battery that comes with those earphones ? you don’t come with them right ? how about those bog tech radar headphones ?

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