Smart Buildings – The Future Of Building Technology

Smart Buildings – The Future Of Building Technology

Movie “smart buildings – the future of building technology”
A study on the future of building technology shows that requirements are undergoing lasting changes.
Which changes are coming up and how Building Technologies is dealing with these changes is shown in this movie.

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  1. Awesome Video!  What will drive these changes?  Building Data of Course!  Eagle Technology’s Proteus MMX CMMS program has the ability to integrate directly in Real-Time with Building Automation Systems through BACnet.  Check out our channel to learn more, we are happy to discuss and see where we might be of help in your automation process!

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  3. Project “VMyHome” will be available for KNX, SCS or other building management components. The system use “learning machine” and “data mining techniques”.

    Enjoy the future.

  4. Hmmm…look for the Achilles heal in all of the systems and design to be impervious to attack or acts of God that may disable all of these whistles and bells, from within and without.  Now you have a good system…maybe.

  5. nice , vive les écrans holographiques . j aurai aimé que ça soit commercialiser dès maintenant biidnillah.

  6. This video never mentioned automation of tasks to keep human activity out.

    I’m sure this vision has radically changed compared of what we’ll actually see happen in the near future regarding robotics A.i and automation..

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