Real Or Fake Technology

Real Or Fake Technology

Volkswagen People’s car project Hover Car the flying two-seater, Ryno Motors Invents World’s First One Wheel Electric Scooter, Since his conception way back when, TITAN the ROBOT has become a bit of a big deal around here and his comical antics have built up a cult following in the real world as well as on the World Wide Web.

14 thoughts on “Real Or Fake Technology”

  1. Friend,
    Outside of the fact that it seems inherently improbable—especially the very short emergency stopping radius… Wherefore do you label it a fake?
    I don’t disagree, but I am curious.

  2. Based on the tech I’ve seen as of late like the Honda Robot I imagine that there is no human in the Titan robot however it is fully remote controlled. It was a huge problem for a few decades to make a robot walk like a human but since the gyro tech was established it’s no longer a issue at all it’s the same tech as like the Segway’s vehicles, and the all newer one wheeled electric motor bikes, etc.

  3. this robot is what police need for the protesters that wish to cause harm to other protesters who wish to protest peacefully

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