Primitive Technology With Survival Skills Build A Water Filter Tank Part 3

Primitive Technology With Survival Skills Build A Water Filter Tank Part 3

Hi. Primitive technology with survival skills builds a water filter tank part 3 is our next video. In this video we finished building a water filter tank. By the primitive technology we have filtered clean water from the tank, initially we make charcoal then go to streams for sand and stones. Charcoal can eliminate toxins and bacteria, rocks and sand that cleanse water. We let the charcoal make the first layer followed by stone and sand, large stones at the top. It takes 1 hour for water to be purified. We will continue to make the next video on primitive technology and wild survival skills. Subscribe to the channel to watch the latest videos. Thank you.

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  1. We have clean water and use it for cooking. We will upload more videos next time. Help me reach 1m subscriber in the shortest time. thank you

  2. can someone explain how 15mins water is still dirty but it purifies after 1 hour? do you pour the filtered water back to the bore (filter) until it get purified? and if so, howcome it doesnt filter all the dirts at first place? I’m saying this because i think the dirts that werent filtered out in the first place prob too small to be filtered, but howcome then it get filtered out as time goes?Sorry i have 0 knowledge about filtering water. someone teach me

  3. I am wondering how long can it last? do u have to replace the sand and chocoal overtime?

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  5. ????? get the rocks and spill everything out for no reason near the tub and then again pick that to fill the tub xddddddddd

  6. I have. Like a home and stuff like iPads and stuff but I actually want to live that because it look cozy you know

  7. can someone please explain this mechanism to me. Are they “cleaning” the Upper tank to produce a clean water ( from rain )?

  8. The most of their work is nonsense or is done very silly…

    1/ Charcoal is so effective how big is its surface. Andf if it is not compact layer, its lost reason to use it.
    2/ Water goes also by the way of lower resistance, the most of filter is not used for filtration.
    3/ Clay can do same service as charcoal.
    4/ If you want to be sure that you filter heavy metals, the first step is reduce acidity by using limestone or dolomite.

  9. The difference here is that you all are living these primitive skills, not just practicing them, just as your parents, grandparents, etc., have done for years and years. This is not just an interesting hobby for you. This is a way of life.

  10. Why do you label your videos “Primitive Technology” when your channel is called something else. Just trying to steal views.

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