Primitive Technology: Stone Adze

Primitive Technology: Stone Adze

The video shows the construction and use of a stone adze.To put this video in context, the dome hut you see in the video is in the same spot as the wattle and Daub hut is today- only 2 years earlier (first started filming these builds). I shaped the head from basalt using a hammer stone to roughly shape it (pecking) and a grind stone to polish it (grinding). I used an L shaped piece of wood to form the handle, carving a backrest to absorb the shock of each strike and lashed the stone to the handle using lawyer cane. I then cut down two trees and a sapling to demonstrate the time taken to use it (note-this land is an abandoned cane farm and not virgin forest). I would say that a stone adze is easier to make than a celt ax and is also quite effective at felling trees. The stone adze was the all purpose wood working tool in Papua New Guinea and favored over axes by most canoe building cultures. Later I discarded the adze, demolished the dome and built the wattle and daub hut without any previous technology I made- just to see if I could.

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  1. Понятно почему чувак такой накаченный))

  2. Don’t you just love that this is supposed to be a primitive show and see a lil gadget on his short

  3. I wish you could patent the Primitive technology name. I look for new video’s from you all the time, but I keep finding other people using Primitive technology for the title. I love your video’s and it seems like a lot of people are copying (or trying to) you. How is your plan going for bringing the teaching of these things to people as your living?

  4. Your videos are teaching me about nature and tecnolegy and it looks very fun and it’s teaching me how to build with the nature mineral keep it up???

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