Primitive Technology: Firesticks

Primitive Technology: Firesticks

Making fire sticks primitively from scratch, making a fire using the sticks and making and firing a small pot to test clay from the hut.
The species of wood used for the fire sticks is ‘Abroma mollis’. In the hibiscus/cottonwood family (Malvaceae).

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21 thoughts on “Primitive Technology: Firesticks”

  1. crazy how with the use of our hands along with some sticks and stones we have the ability to harness the power of fire.

  2. 정말 대단하군요!
    당신의 아이디어에 감탄사를 보냅니다.

  3. isnt having quite big hearth inside a hut made ( I don’t know what ) a dry inflammable material a really dangerous thing? btw I love ur videos. learning a lot

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