‘Next Gen Technology’

‘Next Gen Technology’

You know, this actually really bothers me. Why mention this if it’s been done for the past 17 years in gaming?

39 thoughts on “‘Next Gen Technology’”

  1. LMAO! Activision calls it next gen? Shit daawg! Activsion uses internet explorer on windows 95 with pentium 1 have been confirmed!

  2. I still return to this video regularly, I can’t help but laugh at the point even being made in the first place.

  3. Nintendo was amazing. Their NES, SNES, N64, Gameboys, Gamecube…awesome gaming systems. 🙂

  4. In BOTW, the fish would even jump out of the water if cornered like actual fish. The fish in that game also get electrocuted, dies from shock wave of a bomb if close enough. They can also be caught by using a huge magical pillar of ice, luring with food, or throwing a weapon like sword, spear, axe, broom, lumber, rocks, etc. at them.

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