New Technology Makes Troops Invisible

New Technology Makes Troops Invisible

CNN’s Chris Lawrence takes a look at technology that aims to camouflage people in the military.

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40 thoughts on “New Technology Makes Troops Invisible”

  1. it would make sense if the vegas shooter used one. after hearing stories of multiple shooters yet none seen…

  2. hey how can I make invisible bridge on water by the help of radon radioactive this is my purpose (India)

  3. It is called a normal camouflage.This is not a new technology.Look what media does to people just to get views.Oh men you fucking americans are too fucking dumb man i just can not understand how

  4. FAKE, at 2:10 and a couple others, you can clearly see a shadow, and what’s underneath it is all dark, so why is it projecting light instead of a shadow?? Does it have l.e.d.s inside???????

  5. heres a better way to make them invisible, put an end to your agendas and stop attacking other nations

  6. Remember this news is generated from a half truth. Exaggeration is used to catch the potential buyer …..more than likely a representative from the news cast.

  7. The Federal government is always coming out with something. People trust me when I say that shit is real. I know for a fact that is real.

    I’m an ex military wife and I have seen new things before today in 2017 back in 1999. They a medic tank that rolls over the soldiers on the battle field. Just so the medic team won’t get killed trying to help other soliders in the war. Don’t even use it at all I have seen it but never seen them use it in a war.

    And I saw a short demonstration of it and was extremely shock that a government system can hide these things like this from the public and along have these engineers create all this shit that kills us. Then wonder why the world is so fucked up.

    We all need to be careful of what we think is fake turns out to be really real…….and it’s scary in a worst way……..seriously

  8. being sniper is already SO GAY
    now imagine an invisible sniper …
    would be even much more gay

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