New Modern Agriculture Machines 2017 – Harvesting Bananas

New Modern Agriculture Machines 2017 – Harvesting Bananas

How it’s made – Harvesting Bananas
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  1. Fucking thieves call it their land and they will come out of it by force and despite their noses

  2. Israel involved in War crimes
    Destroying the Houses villages belonged to Philistine
    Thousand of innocent students are locked up in Israeli jail’s
    Israel blocked medication export import killing innocent civilians
    Just like India doing in Kashmir

  3. How dedicated,hardworking,genius and faithful people’s are Israeli. Before Israel that place was hell ,but now with the use of limited sources and modern technology they are making a perfect Israel.
    * Love from India (Maharashtra)*
    @ Jai bhim@


  5. do you know that the buds and the inner white stem of the plant are used for cooking in India?

  6. Haven’t had Israeli bananas, but in Western MA, USA, We get Israeli, Dorot Farms, carrots. It’s crazy how sweet a carrot can taste. We only get them maybe 6 months/year and the Canadian or Californian carrots taste so bitter in comparison, I have to pressure cook them, whereas with Dorot Farms carrots I go through 5+ lbs a week, eating them raw.

  7. I yearn to walk in.the shade of these banana trees. Oh my God. Its soooo heaven. I.pray to visit Israel

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