Little Italy NY to Kearny New Jersey

Hired A NJ Mover To Take My Big Screen From Little Italy to Kearny

big screen tv

Bought me a TV in little Italy last week from some gentlemen that looked and sounded like they may have been characters from the movie Goodfellas. I had seen this ad in the local New Jersey back page listing. Turned out that the sweet deal I was reading about was really located in Little Italy NY. Being that I own and ride a sports bike made this a little bit difficult. The big screen TV was 80 inches with built in smart features. Had it been closer to Kearny I would have just borrowed my brothers truck for an hour, but this was a trek! I hoped online looking for moving companies in NJ and found a company that had a truck available. I was able to rent the truck without a mover since I didn’t need help loading and unloading it after I moved it. I was kinda wrong about that assumption, but I would never admit it. By the time I hit traffic I was driving a moving truck that I was not familiar with. Weaving in and out of rush hour traffic is not ideal when your trying to move across town in a U-Haul style truck. I finally reached my place and began to unload the TV. Back in little Italy I had a few Goons assisting me, but back home I was rolling solo. I ended up retrieving an old skateboard from the garage and using it like a moving dolly. I pulled the TV out of the truck and slid it onto the skateboard and rolled the TV into the house. I returned the truck back to the NJ moving company and headed back to the house to unpack the TV. I will probably save mounting it for the weekend, until then I can watch it on the floor leaned up against the foot stool.