Misused Technology Terms

Misused Technology Terms

Does it drive you crazy when other people misuse tech terms? Here are some you should look out for…

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29 thoughts on “Misused Technology Terms”

  1. Loved it, Linus. Now I have to go download some pictures to Facebook. Lol, I hate that one.

  2. When Linus wants us to use the confusing term “drive” to refer to non-volatile memory. Drives are the things that power huge motors and save electricity by changing the frequency of AC current.

  3. My friend wanted to restart his computer. I told him how to do it, confused on how he could forget. I then realized he wanted to factory reset it. I hate when people mix those up.

  4. People who call the system case/tower the “hard drive” – I first encountered a guy call it this at school nearly 20 years ago and I thought it was a one-off. Sadly I’ve heard it many times since!

  5. When teachers don’t have any computer knowledge and think that Firefox is malware and they use internet explorer

  6. what got me in awe is that one of my friends thought an SD card was the same as a SIM card

  7. i am really annoyed when people misuse the term ROM in a smartphone.. most people I know address ROM as the internal storage instead of the system partition

  8. I had a sister call an external optical drive a hard drive… I died a little bit inside that day.
    she also referred her Internet Explorer version as her OS version during a conversation about W8….
    Sometimes I wonder how she even knows how to use her laptop… (it’s a complete pos btw)
    I cant “fix it” by staring at menus and somehow upgrading all the specs.

  9. Talking about processors like 7th gen i7 processor in a $1000 notebook where if you look at the model it is actually i7-7600U which is a “dual core” core i7 processor delivering useless performance compared to it’s brothers with similar price tag having i7-7700HQ or i7-6700HQ.
    Same goes with i5-7200U and 6200U against notebooks with similar price tags which have a quad core processor named i5 – 6300HQ/7300HQ so people are fooled with these names like 7th gen i5 or 7th gen i7 processor.

  10. 1.”Samsung S8″;
    2. PCI? PCIe? Who cares?;3. “I have Windows 8.1 on my phone”;
    4. And the worst one: calling linux an “operating system”. It’s rather inoperating system full of glitches and vulnerabilities.

  11. The absolute worst IMO is “Jailbreaking a Firestick” !!!! “Unlocking a firestick” is just as bad

    I hate seeing on FB “Can someone jailbreak my firestick”…uhhhh you mean can someone install an application on my firestick!!
    First of all, Jailbreaking is a term used for iphones. Amazon firstick runs android..totally different operating system. Even if the firestick was running IOS, your still not jailbreaking it, or unlocking it, or rooting it. All your doing is installing/sideloading an application

    anyone else?

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