Milow – Ayo Technology (live Acoustic 2008)

Milow – Ayo Technology (live Acoustic 2008)

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Belgian singer-songwriter Milow plays an acoustic version of “Ayo Technology” by 50 Cent (feat. Justin Timberlake) for Belgian radio station Studio Brussel in January 2008

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  2. I heard this song ages ago when it was new, and instantly liked it. In 2008 I was.. 13 and I didn’t understand english too well. Maybe it was good. Now that I understand this song, I still love it. It brings me peace in a way.¬†

  3. I hate that lot of artist sounds so much worse live. He is running out of breath all the time. I can do better job on this song, not even kidding.

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  5. porfavor que alguien ayude a la mujer que est√° en la ventana de la izquierda apartir del segundo 38 ocurren paridolias

  6. –ö—Ä—É—ā—Ź–ļ<3

  7. 2016and still listening to this amazing song! Back then, when I was 11-13 I listened to this song for the fist time and I instantly felt in love with this song, even though I haven’t been understanding the lyrics, but I liked the melody, the voice and the sound

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