Mach 5 Aircraft Technology | The Edge

Mach 5 Aircraft Technology | The Edge

Mach 5 aircraft technology would enable flight times of 4.5 hours from Europe to Australia. CNBC goes behind the scenes with the latest innovators to find out more

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Teams in Oxford, U.K., and Boston, U.S., are working on new designs for plane engines, with the potential to create a “very high-speed aircraft” and take fuel out of the equation altogether. CNBC takes a look at both options.

Scimitar is a prototype jet engine from UK-based Reaction Engines. Developers tell CNBC that the experimental apparatus can extend the speed, the power, and the range of existing systems by up to 5 times the speed of sound.

Researchers from MIT are working on developing technology they hope will completely rethink aviation propulsion altogether, using an ion thruster. CNBC takes a closer look. for more great clips:
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36 thoughts on “Mach 5 Aircraft Technology | The Edge”

  1. Ion engines are a bunch of bull since they are very efficient but slow as all fuck. I would not want to go on the ion flight since it would turn a 5hr one into at least a 10hr trip.

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  3. ..”high octane kerosene”??? LOL….WTF is “high octane kerosene”? And who the HELL is important enough to have to get from Europe to Australia in 4 hrs? LOL…the only thing that it would be good for would be to quickly spread communicable diseases around the globe. ION thrusters..hmmm…might as well use antimatter.

  4. High o rain kero with nano aluminium particles to change the weather world wide. Geoengineering fucking up the words skies.

  5. Hitler got made his airforce a plane in some half decade ago, it took USA 50 years for making similar b2 plane. I think If Hitler was alive and didn’t made any wars on any ppl, He would have made his Nation in mars by now.

  6. Ion pulse or ionic thrusters are better suited for space flight AFTER having achieved orbit, as stated you need a heck of a lot of electrical power that current battery tech can’t supply (not for long range flight anyway). Maybe a small nuclear power plant would work, but good luck getting passengers to accept that idea, lol.

  7. I won’t be getting on any aircraft that has rocket engines running for 4 hours….sounds like an accident waiting to happen….

  8. I thought we “they” were already using ion propulsion in a few Satellites?
    But what do i know, just ask my ex wife, she will gladly tell you, ” I dont know jack shit.”
    Good job engineers. Thank you. Love the cooling system.

  9. We have autos capable of well over 100 mph top speed, but when I go on I-95, most of the vehicles are going slower than they were when the road was first opened…

  10. Is that what it is, I though the guy had a speech impediment like the English aristocracy from inbreeding.

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