Look Up | Gary Turk – Official Video

Look Up | Gary Turk – Official Video

A spoken word film for an online generation.
‘Look Up’ is a lesson taught to us through a love story, in a world where we continue to find ways to make it easier for us to connect with one another, but always results in us spending more time alone.

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I don’t want you to stop using social media or smartphones.
It’s about finding a balance. It’s about making sure you are awake, alive and living life in the moment; instead of living your life through a screen.

Written, Performed & Directed by Gary Turk.

(I use social media only when appropriate, and to keep followers up to date with new projects and fun/interesting things).

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Featuring Louise Ludlam & Stuart Darnley.
Filmed and Edited by Gary Turk.
Original Music Composed by Daniel C. Cobb.

Words available here:

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36 thoughts on “Look Up | Gary Turk – Official Video”

  1. If you are on a trainstation try to count the people on their phone, you will be amazed

  2. This is soooooo true and beautuiful at the same time. I really wish it would happen…. ūüėÄ

  3. To those who disliked the video, i have only one question for you: Did you even understand the message?

  4. If I was on my phone at a train station where a girl fell on the tracks she would be dead if I was on my phone but she’s not I saved her life and she became my girlfriend

  5. The 70s was the age of disco, the 80s were the age of grunge, the 90s was the age of old school rap, and sadly, the 2000s is the age of memes and social media.

  6. It’s true but also false. I found a lot of support and friendship and I met my boyfriend on the internet.

  7. Do you guys remember a video about social media, where a guy photoshoped himself to machu picchu to impress a girl on facebook? i can’t find it anymore.

  8. I’d rather be with my Youtube friends instead of fucking basic bitches and 14 year olds that get fucking pregnant. I know someone that smokes and is 12…. Fuck that. My phone atleast doesn’t bully me or doesn’t scream at me.

  9. Brilliant. So true. So connected and never more isolated than we are today, by technology.

  10. I really think this video will really have a impact on a persons life. I look around in a store or a restraunt and I see that no one cares about who they just care about that darn phone of theirs

  11. @ Gary Turk someone in my class showed this and mostly everyone was crying of what generation we have now. It shows that in our school only my class and 2 other classes in my school had to unplug from our electronics for a week and we all survived. A lot of us thought we couldn’t survive but we all survived the week. To most of us out of the 3 classes, we very happy that we unplugged to see the beauty of our earth and our surroundings. (I’m in a private catholic school) So the 3 classes has bibles and I read mine and it showed me that not all of my friends nor family will be here forever so it shows me to always stay and have moments and memories with them because if you don’t you will regret wasting your time in life of just playing video games and rotting your brain. I’ve been obsessed of playing video games all day and once I watched this video, I has changed y life a lot. I am very happy that they made this video because I now have someone so important in my life just like the last part of the video, I have a lot more memories with friends (face to face), and a lot more! This video is just very emotional and very influential to me.

  12. I made a presentation for my class in senior year about this video. This is so important, and it still gives me chills!

  13. This video should be a commercial on tv all the time…Brillant. Thank you so much for doing this video.

  14. Amazing. Funny thing is, I don’t use social media. I probably live a more happy life than someone who doesn’t.

  15. I haven’t had one of those damn things for 20 years,and I can function.

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