Look At The Technology Of Japan

Look At The Technology Of Japan

An engineering feat, completed in a few hours.

Skip to 0:52 to see how they plan to switch the line to a subway line using the “STRUM” method.

37 thoughts on “Look At The Technology Of Japan”

  1. This would probably take months or years in my country… Too much bullsh1t and sweet talking from corrupt senators and government officials… ?

  2. Japanese is the best hardworking nation with brain. Love from Bangladesh. In our country many development project done by japan. best nations in the world

  3. Really yaar agar koi kahe k *india* k alava khi aur janm lena ho to kha loge my ans will be japan

  4. The japanese did in hours what would take most western countries months. Thats pretty rad

  5. Fantastic work Japanese are hard worker
    They face natural disaster, atomic bombs etc. But they know how to grow up.
    Japanese are best examples for everyone. ?

  6. Japan’s greatest tool for development is human resource. 100% work ethics and 100% discipline. And fuck you all haters of this video.

  7. they and their government were best of best in the world our country is fully corrupted although our people have great potential like legend of japan do, love from nepal

  8. I dont think this video is about technology.. instead it may be want to show how japanese people could work very hard, fast and always concern about the details as well

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