Liquidmetal – Technology Demo

Liquidmetal – Technology Demo

From the corporate site :

“More than twice the strength of Titanium with the processability of plastics, Liquidmetal alloys are poised to render obsolete current materials technology.”

Liquidmetal technologies, is a creator of a new metallic, glass, substance that stores energy much better than stainless steel or Titanium.

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17 thoughts on “Liquidmetal – Technology Demo”

  1. I believe this demonstration was based on elasticity. Potential stored energy. Think of a spring or a slink that can keep going on for a long time compared to steel or other metals.

  2. This liquid metal should be used to make a spring for an airsoft gun. The FPS (feet per second) would most likely be higher than the aluminum one. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  3. Of course. Everything blends. But this will blend AND bounce at the same time.

  4. I know you’re probably joking, but in reality that won’t happen since:

    1. The iphone won’t bounce on steel; more likely it’ll bounce on concrete or ceramic which is not as elastic.

    2. The shape of the phone will make it stop bouncing faster than one thinks.

    3. Indeed, i’m super fun at parties

  5. Why does a material that stores elastic energy make a better smartphone case?  Seems like this is just a showcase for one unique aspect of this material.  See, the steel ball bounces for a really long time.  That means awesome!

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