Li-Fi, 100X Faster Than Wi-Fi! | ColdFusion

Li-Fi, 100X Faster Than Wi-Fi! | ColdFusion

Li-Fi looks to be yet another disruptive technology, this time in communication, which has remained with the same wireless technology since the year 2000.
A correction* I was supposed to say South Korea’s world record STANDARD speed of 100mbps

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15 thoughts on “Li-Fi, 100X Faster Than Wi-Fi! | ColdFusion”

  1. will i hope this will kill our internet service provider for good.
    Because In my country.. they cost us 20usd for 10Gb Quota for 3G and 11usd for 5Gb 4G broadband for one month and it depends on which network operator you’re paying for..

    if I’m using LiFi.. that was a blink of eye for 10Gb.. pay it for one month and finish it in sec..
    My country is shit..

  2. We are being shown evidence now more than ever the damage from being exposed to man-made electromagnetic frequencies. I helped build this cellular network epidemic, I also helped build the backbone fiberoptic network in the southeast. Where are we with this technology’s infrastructure?

  3. A new extremely efficient method to glue everybody’s eyes on-to the screens…… This is called So-In for SOcial INterference…!

  4. Two years passed. Where is fucking lifi routers?
    Nowhere. Technology is too shitty to implement.
    1. No penetration through walls
    2. The LiFi-powered gadget must be constantly directed to the LiFi Bulb, and the Bulb must be directed to the gadget. So no custom lights, all lights will be mandatory directed to the floor. And gadget will be mandatory directed sensor side up.
    3.5. If the sensor will be present on the screen side of gadget – you will must constantly flash the fucking light to the screen. Enjoy overlight, fegits.
    3. In situation when signal penetration isn’t available (between any rooms and floors), the LiFis must be interconnected by other media, obvious chose – ethernet-by-powerline. And total network speed of the system will be bottlenecked by ethernet-by-powerline speed to 200Mbps max.
    4. No LiFi without fucking lights on.
    5. Parasite blinking of the AP may be affect to the eyes and the sanity of the user. Or may not. No long term tests on humans provided.
    6. Not functional on large urban scale: in parks, streets, any open place. Especially in daytime, by obvious reason.
    7. Not functional at daytime in large areas with transparent glass roofs and/or large windows because of sunlight, it will jam the fucking lightbulb transmission.

  5. Yes it is super cool, incredibly fast internet indoors,but there are some implementations for outdoors use?
    Because if this technology makes it to our homes we will become used to super internet on our couch but we will be annoyed by the super slow internet outdoors

  6. I remember watching this July 2011 at TEDGlobal 2011. It’s now 2017… and yet I am Still not holding my breath. Sadly, people want good connection vs speed. not alone WiFi is DIRT Cheap. Nice Idea, but making sure you are “in the Light” is not very practical IMO. And apparently the rest of world agrees. This in addition to light having the inverse square law against it. You’d have to have a a LOT of LED Bulbs on ALL THE TIME ALL OVER THE PLACE.

  7. And now 5g is coming and lifi is irrelevant (there’s also ethernet but that’s not wireless)

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