Learn Italian – Time Expressions In Italian

Learn Italian – Time Expressions In Italian

This learning Italian video lesson is a continuation of time expressions covered in Italian video lesson 2. This learning Italian video is one of several learning Italian videos that you will receive absolutely free when you visit LearningItalianLikeCrazy.com.

In addition to the video lessons, you will also receive the first two (2) Learning Italian Like Crazy audio lessons also free when you visit us.

Learning Italian Like Crazy uses a method makes learning to speak Italian fast, easy, and fun.

It is an audio based Italian language course developed by native Italian language professionals with a focus on helping you quickly learn to speak Italian.

In addition to learning the Italian language, you will also learn about the Italian culture. Think of it for a second, you really cannot separate the Italian language from the Italian culture. So, we will help you learn more than just how to speak Italian, we will also teach you about Italian cuisine, Italian arts, Italian music, and many more facets of the Italian culture.

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  1. Molto bene!! Mi piace questo video perche si puo ascoltare e ripetere con abbastanza tempo. Continua cosi.

  2. hello, I’m sure others have asked, but isn’t four spelled with 2 t’s quattro not quatro right?

  3. nevermind my question, I’m guessing it quatro means = 1/4 and quattro means 4

  4. I’ve learned more Italian with the help of this lady than i did spending half a year with spanish at school. Italian seems so much more logical than spanish.

  5. ciao come sta oggi grazie mille soy de guatemala necesita aprender italian grazie grazie por video

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  7. Da italiano mi viene dire una cosa sola guardando questo video….Che NOIAAAA !!!

  8. a good notice for all of you that want to learn italian
    that gesture that¬† there is on the background in italian means “fuck you”

  9. Italian is the most beautiful sounding language to speak, but there aren’t many places in the world to use it. New York City, New Jersey, Chicago and Itlay. That’s it.¬†

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