Learn Italian: The Alphabet (Lesson 1 – Beginner)

Learn Italian: The Alphabet (Lesson 1 – Beginner)


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Italian language, Italian culture, Italian lifestyle are the main themes of my videos. When I am particularly inspired I also make Italian recipes videos. Now it’s time for you to jump right in and learn everything about Italy. To do so, just click the subscribe tab and you are done!

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10 thoughts on “Learn Italian: The Alphabet (Lesson 1 – Beginner)”

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  3. Grazie mille ! Today I’m starting my official Italian studies, and I see that your channel can help me a lot in doing so! 😀

  4. I’m just starting to learn Italian I tried to keep up with you but I couldn’t.So I’ll keep whatching until I get it right thanks for being a part of my learning experience.

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