Learn Italian: Stereotypes

Learn Italian: Stereotypes

Italian stereotypes are discussed in this Italian culture video.


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Italian language, Italian culture, Italian lifestyle are the main themes of my videos. When I am particularly inspired I also make Italian recipes videos. Now it’s time for you to jump right in and learn everything about Italy. To do so, just click the subscribe tab and you are done!

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32 thoughts on “Learn Italian: Stereotypes”

  1. LOOOL Lucrezia! Parli con tua ‘hands’ in tutto video! Perche sei italiana e normale! Questo e divertenete LOL !! Tua ‘hands’ molto rumoroso, come si dice ‘hands’ in italiano? x

  2. Haha sei simpatica 
    Sto imparando l’italiano ma penso che quasi tutte persone nel mondo usano “hand gestures” (non so come si dice in italiano) dalla mia esperienza. È pìu interessante quando qualcuno usa “hand gestures”, secondo me lol

  3. I remember watching this movie titled “Our Italian husband” it’s about an Italian woman traveling to the USA to find her husband only to discover that he married an American woman. Anyway there was this one scene where the American woman was romanticizing Italians and as she was talking you saw images of Italians doing the exact opposite of what she was saying and then the Italian woman replies “Have you ever visited Italy?”, it’s a pretty funny movie.

  4. Observing the Italians living in Moscow, did’t notice that they gesticulate more than russians. As for the noise, I agree, sorry =)) but it’s cute, like adds a bit of vivacity..

  5. Your videos are helpful, but this one made me laugh so much. You are so correct about all stereotypes in my opinion.

  6. Yup, I’m American and I use my hands a lot when I speak 🙂
    And I completely agree with #6, Italians are sexy.. yup.. every last one of you, that’s the only reason I learned italian haha 😀 but seriously, I agree 🙂

  7. Do you understand spanish? Because i do understand
     a little when i watch your videos.

  8. By the way i am from mexico and that’s why i’m asking that question. It seems like spanish an italian are similar

  9. I think that the hand gestures are beautiful, wonderful and fun.  And they DO help a person to communicate their message.  I think this was particularly true, centuries ago, when Italy was a center of commerce between so many other regions – north, south, east, and west – and spoken languages and dialects were less understood between various peoples.  It seems that now many of them have become universal in the emerging “global” culture.  It’s a fun contribution of Italy to the wider world.

  10. Hi. I thought Italian don’t use word pasta. They use specific names, such as spaghetti, caneloni, far….fali of something. But I was probably wrong.

  11. Ho passato quattro mesi vivendo in un dormitorio accanto agli italiani, cosi sono d’accordo con la parte di essere rumorosi, ma è stato un gran piacere! La vita non è noiosa mai se vivi con italiani. 🙂 Peraltro, hai gia girato il video su come preparare la pasta?

  12. lucrezia , mi si fondono , io non sono contro una ragazza con grandi occhiali e felpa con cappuccio , e anche parlare italiano, è troppo , io sono innamorato…è vero , ma suona strano Certo. I think this came out right, it was by google translator i have to confess.

  13. Maybe if you grow a mustache, you can say ‘ Io sono Mario il Hidraulico! – Io mangio Pizza !!’. 😛 🙂 🙂

  14. Why are Italians trying to prove that there is no difference in race, culture, history and identity?  I’m Italian.  I use hand gestures.  I care for fellow Italians—that makes me a racist.  I also would kill someone who touches my family.
    Now, compare Italians to Swedish Men, pull up:
    Meanwhile in Sweden—Episode 2.

  15. As a an French-Quebecer, thus North-American, I have to admit that Mario is the first time most of us heard anything close to Italian. It is still a cartoon accent based on exaggerated Italian-American accents. Charles Martinet who does the voice of Mario isn’t Italian and doesn’t speak the language. And I absolutely love the Italian people, and never reduced you all to Mario characters. ^^

    As far as I’m concerned those are little funny pokes to get to know you better, as Mario is universal and a probable known subject to both of us it is maybe tiring for you but every people has their stereotypes and gets a little gentle fun made of them. It’s the same thing with comparing our Québec French with French people. It’s mostly a non issue, but still it is always discussed when meeting Europeans for us. ^^

    Those are conversation starters. In the end, we get to be best friends, even though we live across the ocean from each other. I made excellent friends with an Italian colleague and that’s the reason I want to learn the language, and I’m guilty of trying my poor Mario accent on him at first. Hahahaha

    Now my accent and pronounciation is closer to my “home” in Milano, and I’ve been forgiven for the bad accent. 😀 Meanwhile my friend makes a stereotypical Québec French accent, so I guess we’re equals on that front. But my French has some similarities with Italian that France french does not have, so it has it’s perks!

    As for the sexiness, I guess it has to do with exoticism. Italian is not spoken very much outside Italy as a mother tongue. So having that sunny climate, good food and nice people makes it interesting to people. Also you were until recently a very homogeneous society, and to strangers, Italians have that lineage that reflects in their appearance. It’s different from anywhere else. But that’s just my take on it. I find the Italian language sexy even though it deals with basic random everyday conversation. Since I do not master it, it has that mystery around it that makes it exciting!

  16. a Lucrè me fai spaccà, sei troppo simpatica!!! a proposito ma sai che parli popo na cifra bene l’italiano? brava daje, te auguro eppi crismas end eppi niu iar (scrivo l’inglese come lo parlo scusa eh? 😉

  17. I laughed SO hard at Stereotype #5. I do not know if it was how you said it, Lucrezia, but it was very funny. As an American, I have to admit, I find Piero Barone of Il Volo very sexy. Don’t judge me; love is love. Hahahahahahaha

  18. Hi lucrezia, I am an expat living in Rome and it’s been funny checking out your video. Btw, have you lived in the US? If so, how long for? I hardly ever met anyone who speaks your level of English here and you do have quite a distinct American accent too, I’m impressed.

  19. Buonasera Lucrezia!
    All these are trivial stereo-types in my point of view, so what .. if you are sexy, you talk loud or you like pizza and pasta?!! as far as I know the whole world use gestures to express their thoughts not only Italian people.
    what I would like to hear about though is the subject of “Mafia families” I don’t know if they do really exist in Italy like they were shown in “the God Father” movies, I heard about Mafia families of other countries like Russia, Japan and Turkey but not sure about Italy.

  20. No ti preoccupare di cosa gli altri pensano di noi, sono tutti invidiosi del nostro modo di vivere.?

  21. you also have to realize that Italo-Americans are an independent culture. if you think that ciabatta is bread n you are italo-american.

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