Learn About Subaru Boxer Engine Technology

Learn About Subaru Boxer Engine Technology

The Boxer Engine is a Subaru Core Technology. Learn about its benefits and advantages. Web:

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36 thoughts on “Learn About Subaru Boxer Engine Technology”

  1. The first WRX I owned had the head gaskets fail, which cost me a small fortune. Naively assuming I was just ‘unlucky’ I bought another WRX a few years later and guess what? Yep, the head gaskets failed on that motor too. I plucked up the courage for a DIY job to save the ££££’s and what a shit storm of stress that turned out to be.
    Never again. Nice cars but fuck not worth the hassle and if you’re even more unlucky the big end bearing failure is another blast.
    Steer clear would be my advice.

  2. This engine is a redundant component engine with inheaernt
    inefficiencies and engine steses throughout its dual cylinder banks and case halves, .
    I’ve owned 3 Subaru s, . A Toyota sports car has now a Subaru engine to fit it’s low hood line , if Subaru offered a Toyota engine in its cars I would by one today .
    Subaru says in its advertising it’s all about the love I think it’s all about having a modern engine and reliability and not building tens of thousands of cars over 5 years with bad heads and a bad engine design in general it’s cute it’s small but it’s really only a Volkswagen engine that’s it been majorly improved

  3. Did you forget about the VW engine which was made in Germany in the 1930’s and the Porche engine of course.

  4. why are people saying that the head gaskets are a problem? I’ve had none in my 03 Baja and my dad’s 08 Outback.

  5. Why add complexity to a 4 cylinder if you’ll make the same amount of power? COG? Just lower the car, 0.5 inches means nothing.

    Main reason I didn’t buy a GT86. That and having a McPherson front strut suspension instead of double wishbone.

  6. it’s a reason why only Subaru uses boxer engine. it is complex has two cylinder hads, two valvetrain units, two exhaust and intake collectors. all this adds extra production and maintaining costs and with no real benefit. actualy engine takes more room, it is heaviers and althoug it is mounted low it messes with front:rear weight distribution. Thus Subarus are front heavy.

  7. My Subis engine vibrates quite a bit especially at idle at 1000 rpm, it shakes when i rev it of course but is the idle vibration normal? I just put a Borla exhaust on it and now it seems to have stopped a little bit but i hear the slightly interrupted(by slightly interrupted I mean almost a “Put Put” but throatier idle is that normal? it runs like a dream, i just wanna deal with future issues. thank you so much for your feedback

  8. Lol refrenced the boxer engine as an aligator yet they can’t produce HP worth shit.

  9. I had a Masterbation problem and Subaru really helped me to overcome thus problem. Why? Because girls love Subaru and they all climb in and we have so much pleasure with the car mufflers

  10. Fucking stupid, annoying, obnoxious, and irritatingly shitty music. A fuck a million dislikes isn’t enough!!!

  11. Low vibration means low noise, …But you’ll get vibration in horizontal anyway.

  12. What would happen if Subaru never used boxer engine technology? What would subaru be like today?

  13. Now if they could find a way to keep the head gaskets from leaking at 100k miles or so…….

  14. can you get to the fucking point god damn? 40 seconds before i learn something… wtf

  15. This video was incredibly frustrating to watch, mostly because I wanted the actual information about the car without having to patiently wait through the annoying mime scenes..

  16. “Low noise.” yeah right. I had a 2003 subaru outback that just died on me, was the loudest fucking car I’ve ever had. Both engine and interior road noise. Glad that thing’s gone. I wore earplugs on long highway trips.

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