Land Rover Autonomous Car Technology

Land Rover Autonomous Car Technology

Land Rover is researching a new remote control technology that represents a stepping stone towards the fully autonomous car. It could be used by the driver to manoeuvre their car out of difficult situations safely or negotiate challenging terrain, whilst walking alongside the car at a maximum speed of 4mph.
The Multi-Point Turn Range Rover Sport is also capable of autonomously manoeuvring through 180 degrees, with the system taking over gear selection, steering, braking and acceleration.

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27 thoughts on “Land Rover Autonomous Car Technology”

  1. This reminds me of the days in England when someone had to walk in front of a car with a flag to warn people that it’s coming

  2. I’m not saying that this isn’t cool. But its not really an Autonomous vehicle.
    Real Autonomous vehicle are capable of far better Land Rover is being cheap

  3. Hold up mum i cant do the dishes right now… im talking the car for a walk…. he hasnt been for one today….

  4. Only the last 30 seconds was really autonomous… This isn’t too impressive.

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