Kids Of Today Vs 1980’s Technology (HD)

Kids Of Today Vs 1980’s Technology (HD)

Kids of today meet the toys of yesterday. Can today’s Kids figure out the Technology of the 1980’s? Audio is separated for Broadcast. Edited by Jeremy Auten

P.S. This was a fun story about the differences between the Past and Present. Please be kind with your comments. It was just for fun. I hope it makes you smile or laugh. Enjoy.

13 thoughts on “Kids Of Today Vs 1980’s Technology (HD)”

  1. When ever I play computer games I use a 48k Sinclair ZX spectrum and load the games from a cassette and when I listen to music on the go I use a Walkman and I make mix-tapes.

  2. I’ve been growing through the early 2000s and although I didn’t even realise the world around me much, the technology still changed a lot, nowadays you see those TVs with curved edges, one day it will be viewed as something common, but anyone who can buy it will definitely feel like in 2030s LOL

  3. kids today… can figure out phones, tablets and video games.. but cant figure out how to work a radio.. ???? wow

  4. kids of today vs 1980s, they hair real mohawks back then, not whatever the fuck that is.

  5. i think we 90s were the last people who knows whats its like without iphones or ipad or apps next generation gonna be so controlled by technology and thats a bad thing

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