Justin Verlander Seeks Chiropractic Treatment

Star Pitcher Looks To Correct Nagging Back Injury After World Series

Houston Astros Starting PitcherJustin Verlander can officially add “World Series Champion” to his resume following the record-setting 2017 World Series in which his Houston Astros team took home the Commissioners Trophy back to Houston Texas. After pitching a pretty solid series, but coming up short of a superstar performance we all expected in his last game, Justin came clean to let everyone know that he had been suffering from a lower back issue since the All-Star Break. The word from the dugout is that Just is seeking chiropractic care from a chiropractor in Texas that specializes in adjusting the backs of professional athletes and high profile business associates in and around Houston. Most of the common injuries that occur in baseball for pitchers have to do with arm and shoulder injuries and fewer back injuries. Tommy John surgery is the most common for pitchers, and lower back pain doesn’t bother too many pitchers unless they tweak it stepping off of the mound and making some sort of awkward movement. Just Verlander has been in the league since 2005, that is 13 seasons of baseball as of this writing. Will he bounce back from his back injury and play for the Houston Astros another season, or will this injury set him back in the offseason with rehab and strength and conditioning? A pitching mound is a place that requires mental and physical health to be supreme, a place where mistakes need to be few and far between. Any player suffering from arm, shoulder, neck, or back injuries needs to resolve these issues before the Astros start spring training in March. If this Astros team returns in the same condition they wrapped up game 7 in, watch out for another run at the World Series in 2018. You heard it here first folks, a repeat of events is a major possibility if they can keep that roster healthy and the locker room free of any post World Series drama.