Italian Vs English: Expressing Feelings And Needs (Lesson 17 – Beginner)

Italian Vs English: Expressing Feelings And Needs (Lesson 17 – Beginner)


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Italian language, Italian culture, Italian lifestyle are the main themes of my videos. When I am particularly inspired I also make Italian recipes videos. Now it’s time for you to jump right in and learn everything about Italy. To do so, just click the subscribe tab and you are done!

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20 thoughts on “Italian Vs English: Expressing Feelings And Needs (Lesson 17 – Beginner)”

  1. ciao lucrezia sei molto brava. grazie per i tuoi video mi aiuta molto. specialmente se vedo una bella ragazza che parla italiano. la mia ispirazione a imparare l’italiano grazie

  2. Hi Lucrezia! i’m suscribed to your channel. I’m learning italian from spanish and my whole life i’ve learned informally english. So all this content works fine for me. I was wondering, What is your native language? Molto grazie and good luck 😉 !

  3. I am not sure there really is a great deal of difference between Italian and English in this situation, for example, in English one might say “I have a hunger to learn more” ( Ho fame) where hunger is a noun + the verb to have, as opposed to “I am hungry to learn more” ( sono affamato ) where hunger is an adjective + verb to be, as part of an adjectival phrase.

  4. Excellent video.

    One minor point. “Feelings” should be pronounced with a strong E sound. You’re pronouncing it like “fillings”.

  5. Hello .. I need a italian teacher.. I learn italian language. I live in italy butt i dont speak italian.. I hv work but I need learn italian.. please help me .

  6. It’s possible both ways in English, but one sounds more natural and one sounds more poetic or outdated.

    I am hungry, I have hunger
    I am thirsty, I have thirst
    I am afraid, I have fear

    That’s how I think of it anyway.

  7. i am italian… you have speak italian… tu sai parlare bene l’Italiano, sembri un’Italiana xD

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